710 labs flower

710 labs flower

Choose you 710 labs flower experience : These are all critical things to ask when looking for your favorite cannabis strain. However, we would never recommend a cultivar to someone without first learning about their tolerance or experience. There are some strains whose high we can generalize, such as Super Lemon Haze, Zkittlez, or OG, but the overall experience is highly subjective to each consumer. We all have unique endocannabinoid systems that react differently to the hundreds of chemicals found in the cannabis plant. In summary, understanding yourself is the greatest approach to identify the cannabis that works best for you. How do you learn about yourself? Error and trial.

Investigate the genetic backgrounds of each variety you come across. You will be able to dial in on what makes you feel the best by identifying similar genotypes with similar terpene profiles and effects over time. This is a vital stage since it helps you overcome the tendency to base your decision on THC percentage and Indica/Sativa distinctions .

One day, technology may be available to determine each of our receptors and what we react best to via individualized cannabinoid DNA variant reports; firms are already working on this, but until then, you’ll have to keep trying.

710 labs weed

What is your favorite strain or cultivar? On this one, we’re getting down to business. Chemdog, OG Kush, and Sour Diesel. These three cultivars rose to prominence over time, inspiring the development of hundreds more genetic hybrids.

So, what do we call these hybrid sub-categories? The most commonly associated noun is strain, which is a breed, stock, or variety of an animal or plant established via breeding. You may have heard this term thrown about at your neighborhood dispensary or dealer when discussing flower genetics. Although this is not strictly incorrect, let us move on to a scientific understanding of these highly desirable gene pools.

Cultivar; a plant variation created in cultivation by selective breeding by humans. The term cultivar refers to a cultivated variation, which signifies that it was chosen and cultivated by humans. Although some cultivars emerge naturally as mutations, the majority of cultivars are cultivated and maintained by plant breeders and are referred to as hybrids. Cultivars are normally followed by the genus with single quote marks when logging or referring.

For example, the complete scientific name of the chemdog cultivar would be Cannabis sativa ‘Chemdog’.

We’re creatures of habit, but in this ever growing industry of cannabis, it’s easy to fall into a bad habits. Let’s evolve and expand on as much cannabis knowledge as we can. 

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